Eddie Caiazzo buttoning a gray suit

Meet Eddie Caiazzo

DJ Eddie C in Philadelphia, PA is appreciated by many for his professionalism and passion for what he does. His attention to detail and effort are second to none, ensuring that every occasion is personal, unique, and unforgettable for his clients. Aside from that, he sees to it that all the guests will have a great time during each celebration.

A music lineup that fits the personality of the clients isn’t easy to plan. That’s why Eddie takes the time to talk with his customers. His detailed, methodical approach and unwavering commitment to clients has earned him their unwavering trust.

During his free time, DJ Eddie C loves walking his dog. He is also fond of watching horror movies as well as listening to Motown soundtracks. Being an avid sports fan, he is an avid fan of beloved teams like the Eagles, Flyers, Sixers, and Phillies.


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A Professional Who Gives All-Out Services and Performances

Eddie Caiazzo adheres to his brand’s tagline: “The perfect soundtrack for every occasion from Jolson to J’Lo.” He takes the time to curate a music lineup that adheres to his clients’ specific tastes.

He does best in radio and TV productions as well as in live music and entertainment. DJ-ing, hosting, and broadcasting are his special talents. He has a voice that can truly capture the attention of everyone who listens to him.

DJ Eddie C has been featured in several programs, including radio and TV commercials, imaging campaigns, and movie trailers. He was also involved in the emerging audiobook market, offering a voice that brings many authors’ stories to life.

Achievements and Affiliations

DJ Eddie C’s devotion to the media and entertainment industry, coupled with his amazing talent, has earned him several recognitions. The International Network of Golf (ING) and Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters (PAB) acknowledged his work on Golftalk Live on ESPN Radio and Traveling Golfer on NBC Sports.

Eddie Caiazzo has a busy life, but it never stopped him from joining esteemed organizations. Currently, he is a member of the Norristown Chamber of Commerce and the International Network of Golf.